349mm (13.7in) to 459mm (18.1in) lengths. EC fan type, temperature resistant aluminum alloy, ball or sleeve bearings. Maximum Pressure: 0~1.3mmAq (0~0.051inH2O) to 0~1.4mmAq (0~0.055inH2O), Maximum Air Flow: 0~74.16CFM (0~2.1m3/min) to 0~116.54CFM (0~3.3m3/min).
Unit of Measure


Shipping Weight

N/A 440 g

Fan Type

N/A EC fan

Length A

N/A 360 mm

Length B

N/A 370 mm

Length C

N/A 409 mm

Rated Voltage

N/A 24 V

Speed Control

N/A DC 0~10 V

Rated Current

N/A 0~0.18 A


N/A 0~2200 rpm

Maximum Pressure

N/A 0~1.4 mmAq

Maximum Air Flow

N/A 0~2.7 m³/min


N/A 0~95.35


N/A 0~34 dBA

Q_STP vs. P Graph Index

N/A 2


N/A 0.440 kg