• Fin-PTC-Heating-Elements

    Ceramic “Fin” PTC Heating elements create a good heat transfer in a small space and are safe, powerful, and energy efficient.

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    Pelonis’ special patented heating disc is made from a revolutionary ceramic material with over 1,200 round/triangle shaped holes that heat 100% of the airflow across the entire surface area of the disc. This creates a superior heat transfer in a small space, which produces an instant flow of heat up to 50% hotter than conventional coil or ceramic chip heaters.

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    Honeycomb PTC Air heating elements can be configured into three, four, or five disc configurations that produce up to 2000 watts of heat output. Standard sizes are up to 6 inches diameter. Other OEM configurations are possible depending on customer applications. All PTC holders consist of high temperature PPS plastic, stainless steel contacts and silver coating for optimum conductivity. PTC Heater assemblies can be configured with various size cooling fans and blowers to provide powerful, safe, and compact air heating systems that can be used in a variety of applications.

  • TH-Type Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) Air Heaters

    Fin PTC Air Heaters have self-regulating characteristics and will not overheat.This results in better conductivity, greater operating efficiency, a stable electronic response, and longer life expectancy.